Super Jolly

Tecomec Super Jolly Chain Grinder

Tecomec's top of the line grinder, equipped with a semi-automatic hydraulic chain clamp vise.

When the grinding head is lowered, the chain is automatically clamped, reducing steps required and allowing the operator to index chain faster. Sharpening time can be reduced as much as half.

The Super Jolly can grind all types of chain, from 1/4"-3/4" pitch. It comes with 3 grinding wheels: 3.2mm for 1/4", 3/8" low-profile, 4.7mm for .325", 3/8" & .404" and 8.0mm for  3/4" pitch and depth gauges. Also included, is a wheel dressing brick, wheel gauges and hex wrenches for changing wheels.
No. TM11509006