Total Super Bars

Total Super Bars are made from the finest-quality high-carbon steel available. They are assembled to exact uniform tolerances, ensuring precise cutting stability over the bar nose. These high standards of manufacturing result in a premium quality guide bar built for unmatched service life.

--Superior durability, strength, and accuracy
--Manufactured under strict quality control procedures
--Solid-milled versions have a clear-coat brushed steel finish - the quality shows through!
--One of the most comprehensive selections of quality guide bars in the industry

Total Super Pro Sprocket Tip Super Bars
Available in .325, 3/8, and .404 pitches. Also available in .325 pitch lightweight "slimline" versions for some models.

Total Super Laminated Sprocket Nose Super Bars
These high quality laminated bars are available in three different types for professional and occasional-use.  Available to fit most brands and models.

Total Super Hard Tip Super Bars
These professional-quality, hard nose steel bars feature welded Stellite tips and a ground and polished finish.  Suitable for a wide variety of brands and models.  Available in all gauges and bar lengths from 12"-36".

Be sure to ask your dealer about special bar and chain combo deals with our popular sizes.  Buy the bar, and get the chain at significant savings!